BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode

Here are the BigPond specific, step by step, instructions that will enable anyone to succesfully setup BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode.

Following these instructions should enable you to set up bridge mode in approximately 3 to 5 minutes. If you’re in a hurry you should be able to complete all tasks in less than 30 seconds :)

Before you begin BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode

Stop! ImportantBefore you begin, I highly recommend that you perform a few basic preparation tasks. Read Bridge Mode Setup Best Practices for more details. Consider the following mandatory:

  • Enable DHCP
  • Disconnect telephone line
  • Know the SpeedStream 4200 IP address
  • Power cycle the SpeedStream 4200 and PC.

How To Setup BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode

Once you’ve completed the preparation tasks, you’re ready to get started… make sure you follow the order of the following steps to prevent reboots! You can click on the images for a larger view.

Step 1: Load SpeedStream 4200 Router Management Interface

Supported Browser IconsThe first step is to load the SpeedStream 4200 Configuration page (SpeedStream Router Management Interface) using your Internet Browser. Internet Explorer is the preffered browser because it works. You should be able to use Firefox or Safari but don’t be suprised if Google Chrome does not work correctly.

If you find your changes are not being saved or clicking buttons does not work, then try Internet Explorer.

The default IP address of the SpeedStream 4200 with BigPond firmware is Enter the following into the address bar of your browser : (click the link to load the configuration page in a new window).

If the link above does not work your network configuration may not be using the default settings. You will need to change “″ to the correct IP address for your network Default Gateway to continue.

If you’re unsure on how to find the IP address of your Router, you can watch our Video which shows you exactly what to do. (todo)

The Configuration Page should now be displayed. If you have reset your device the loaded page will be similar to one pictured below.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - SpeedStream Router Management Interface

If there is no Setup option displayed on the left navigation menu, click on the Login menu option.

Step 2: Login to the SpeedStream 4200

When the Login page is diplayed, you will see that the BigPond default login information is displayed. Just enter admin for both the Username and Password, then press the OK button to login.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Login to Router Management Interface

After you press the OK button, the page will refresh but now the Setup option should be visible. Click on the Setup option to expand the list of setup options.

Step 3: Disable TR-069 (phone home) function

Click on the TR-069 option, the last item in the Setup options list. We need to disable the TR-069 feature to prevent the ET Effect. If not disabled, the SpeedStream will “phone home” occasionally — so to speak — and may even download a configuration that undoes all our hard work!

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Disable TR-069 Router Management Feature

Click on the Disable radio button and then the Apply button. When the page refreshes, the following page is displayed.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Do NOT Reboot!

Do NOT click the Reboot button. Instead, click on the Dynamic DNS setup option.

Step 4: Set Up Dynamic DNS

Disable any Dynamic DNS settings you may have had. This will need to be set up on the replacement Router if you’re using Dynamic DNS.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set up Dynamic DNS

Click on the Disable option then the Apply button. When the page resfrshes, click the DHCP setup option.

Step 5: DHCP Configuration

Disable the DHCP Server Option: Make sure you don’t reboot if prompted after clicking the Save Setting button! If you normally use DHCP on your internal Network, this should be configured on your replacement Router.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set up DHCP Configuration

Click on the Disable option then the Save Settings button. When the page resfrshes, click the WAN Interface setup option.

Step 6: WAN Configuration #1

This is where we begin the actual Bridge Mode configuration.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 1

If there is an existing entry, click on the “8/35″ entry under the VC column heading!

If you don’t have an entry, click the “Add a New VC” button.

To complete the configuration, just follow the “Wizard” and set the entries as displayed.

Step 7: ATM Settings

Make sure you have the VPI and VCI set correctly for your specific location. For Australia, it should be set to VPI: 8 and VCI:35. Select the LLC Encapsulation Type as VCMUX is only applicable for a PPPoA connection.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 2: ATM Settings

Once you have set the entries as appropriate and click the Next >> Button.

Step 8: Protocol Selection

Ensure you Select the PPPoE Protocol radio button.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 3: Protocol Selection

Once you have selected the PPPoE radio button, click Next >> to continue.

Step 9: PPPoE Type

This is where we set the PPPoE type to Bridge only Mode.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 4: PPPoE Type

Once you select Bridge only, click the Next >> Button.

Step 10: Interface Options

On this configuration page we are turning Off all the router features because the SpeedStream 4200 will be running in Modem Only Mode.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 5: Interface Options

Once the options have been set as displayed click the Next >> Button.

Step 11: Connection Name

It really doesn’t matter what you put in here because it does not appear to be saved anyway. Just to be correct, I use the following Connection Name: PPPoE 8/35.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 6: Connection Name

Once you have entered a Name, click the Next >> Button.

Step 12: Finished Configuration

That’s It you have done all that is necessary. Click the Finish Button.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Set WAN Configuration Step 7: Finished

When you press the Finished Button The settings will be saved and the Wan Interface page will load.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 - Bridge Mode: Reboot

Click on the Reboot link to continue.

BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode Reconnect and Startup procedure

Congratulations! You have completed the BigPond SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode Setup. You’re almost ready to connect to the internet… you just need to connect everything up. Refer to the Bridge Mode Router Connection guide for assistance.

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