Bridge Mode Setup Best Practices

Ensure you complete the following preparation “Best Practice” tasks prior to attempting the Bridge Mode setup process.

While most of the following tasks should be common sense… when it comes to Modem/Router configurations it’s best not to take anything for granted. Failure to perform some of these tasks can result in a setup failure.

  • Check replacement Router

    Bridge Mode setup will not work if you only have a network Switch! You must have a replacement router that supports a PPPoE WAN connection with username and password authentication.

  • Check the SpeedStream 4200 IP Addresses

    You must know the IP address of the SpeedStream 4200 gateway. You can either Ping the IP Address of your “Default Gateway” or try loading the configuration page by clicking the links below.
    The following are the default IP addresses used by ISPs.

  • Check the Firmware Version

    The steps for Bridge Mode setup on the SpeedStream 4200 vary slightly depending on the Firmware you have. There are specific instructions tailored for Optus and Bigpond users as well as the Generic version of the firmware. (todo: add link to Firmware Section for More Details)

  • Setup DHCP

    Ensure DHCP is turned ON (Enabled) on the computer you intend using to configure the SpeedStream 4200.

  • Disconnect telephone line

    Always disconnect the telephone line from the ADSL port, on the back of the SpeedStream 4200, when you’re changing Connection details. Changes will not be saved if there is an active connection!

  • Record Username and Password details

    Make sure you have the correct Username and Password as supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Note: This may be different to your email address! This information will need to be configured on your replacement Router.

  • Record advanced configuration settings

    If you have set up Port Forwarding, Static IP assignment, Dynamic DNS or other advanced router settings, you should record the details. This information will also need to be configured on your replacement router.

  • If all else fails… Reset It!

    Smile!As a general rule I recommend resetting the SpeedStream 4200 to its default settings before proceeding. Make sure you record any custom settings as the information will be erased.

  • Disconnect devices from the Router

    Disconnect any other network equipment from your replacement Router until you’ve completed the bridge mode setup.

  • Connect PC directly to SpeedStream 4200

    Use a quality network cable to connect the PC directly to the SpeedStream 4200. Do not attempt this with a router placed between the modem and your PC or via a USB connection.

  • Power cycle everything

    Turn off your PC, the SpeedStream 4200 and additional Router. Check connections etc., while you wait for about 30-40 seconds, turn ON the SpeedStream, then your PC. Leave the Router turned off for now.

Now that you have completed all the preparation tasks you can get on with configuring your SpeedStream 4200 gateway in Bridge Mode.

Use the following links for step by step instructions on how to setup your SpeedStream 4200 Gateway in PPPoE/Bridge only Mode (Full Bridge):

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