Bridge Mode Router Connection Guide

Once you’ve completed the SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode setup you need to connect up the router and all other network devices and restart the internet connection. Follow the steps in our bridge mode router connection guide guide to complete your configuration.

SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode re-connect procedure

Now is the time to switch all the equipment off and connect the network and phone cables. Use the following as a guide.

  1. Plug the telephone cable into the SpeedStream 4200 DSL socket.
  2. Plug a network cable from the SpeedStream 4200 Ethernet Socket into the WAN (or it could be labeled Internet) connection on the Router.
  3. Plug a network cable from your computer into one of the LAN ports of the Router.
  4. If you have not configured your Router with the PPPoE Authentication details, you should complete this task now. Read the manual that come with the router and follow the instructions.
  5. Once the Username and Password details have been entered into your router and you have saved the settings, shutdown the Router and Computer.

SpeedStream 4200 Bridge Mode Startup procedure

This is the startup procedure I follow which works in 99% of cases, occasionally, you might need to turn on your router first but this is generally not recommened.

  1. Turn on the SpeedStream 4200 and wait till the DSL light is steady (ie not flashing).
  2. Once the DSL light is steady, turn On your Router and it should connect up and log in etc.
  3. Start you computer and go to the Router Configuration screen and check the connection status

That’s it, hopefully, it should now all be working :)

Important Notes

After the SpeedStream 4200 reboots the only way you will be able to directly connect to the device is to set up a static IP address because the DHCP server has been disabled. Read How To connect to a Speedstream 4200 in Bridge Mode for more information.

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