How to Reset a SpeedStream 4200 To Default Settings

How to Reset a SpeedStream 4200 To Default Settings

If you’re experiencing unreliable performance, wanting to upgrade the firmware or simply need to reconfigure the device from scratch then resetting the SpeedStream 4200 is a task you will need to perform.

The way that most beople feel confortable performing this taks is by using the normal Web User Interface (WebUI) but there are other ways of resetting the modem.

WARNING: Resetting the modem will remove the current configuration details and you will need to re-enter your ISP account details. This can be simplified by using the Self Installation Kit CD normally provided.

Method 1:
Log into the SpeedStream 4200 using the WebUI, navigate to the Reboot option, Tick the Reset To Factory Detault option and press the Reset Button.

Method 2:
Using the tip of a ballpoint pen or unfolded paperclip, press and hold the Reset button located on the back of the router. The Power LED will blink red once, indicating that the reset has begun. Continue depressing the Reset button for four seconds or until the power LED begins to blink alternating red-to-green. Then release the Reset button.

Method 3:
Another method of resetting to the default configuration is to login to the Router using Telnet and us the Command Line Interface (CLI). At the “xsh>” prompt simply type the following command and press enter:

do mfgcfg

The device will automatically reboot.

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