SpeedStream 4200 Review

The SpeedStream is a small black device that, with a firmware upgrade, is capable of supporting ADSL2+. For the majority of users the SpeedStream 4200 will provide trouble free operation and allow you to connect up to your BigPond or Optus ADSL connection just by running the provided CD.

The only major problem that surfaced was the fact that the modem would overhead and reboot during the summer months if not ventilated properly. Probably due to it’s small size an inability to dissipate the heat properly.

It was not really until VoIP became more popular that the other major issue with this modem became apparent. That is its implementation of NAT/NAPT.

If you have one of these devices, don’t throw it away. You should change the configuration to Bridge Mode and spend you money investing in a good Router that supports QoS and make sure it also supports the ability to be set up as "End point Independent" for UDP. If you have an Optus supplied modem, DON’T use the Optus Bridge Mode.

Review Summary
The Good:
Readily available in the Auction market place
Can be acquired easily at very reasonable prices
Can be Wall Mounted. (improves ventilation, uses less space)
Reliable on the Older Telstra DSLAM hardware

The Bad:
Can Overheat in confined spaces
Often contains Locked firmware
Newest Firmware does not operate at full ADSL2+ Speed
Not VoIP Compatible

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